Lets sit and talk

Chai Talkies, a unit of Kavi Groups is for Tea lovers everywhere. Expect more than Tea in Chai Talkies. Chai Talkies is a spot where they meet people, converse, make their choices and have lot of fun with our cup of chai.

What do we serve ??

We serve Milk Chai, Herbal Infusions, Iced Teas, Natural Fines, Breakfast, Bites and Fried Items.

What do we offer here ??

Our Mission is a simple one, to be the best chai shop and provide best world class chai experience at affordable prices. A person with a cup of tea is a neighborhood the next time.
Come visit us. Lets Sit and Talk ..!!!

Other Franchises

Kavi Protein and Feed Pvt Ltd

26 , Sindhi Colony, 1 st Cross J.C Road

Bengaluru - 560 002.

080 - 222 722 66